Cheeky is cute – in animals )

I like cheekiness when it is spontaneous.

Every day I encounter cheekiness.

The first bit is provided by Tanya, my pet Shih Tzu, who tries her best to be cheeky, by not really noticing me nor trying to get near me, unlike her son, who stands on two, whines, whimpers, howls, barks and licks me no end.


But Tanya.

No. She is busy watching Pluto. Rather it seems.

But defying her cheekiness, her tail wags. I am sure she has cursed her tail many times that it ended up once with a surgery. But still the little stub of a mockery of tail wags when it sees me!!!!!

The umpteen forwarded whatsap messages have a hidden element of cheekiness in them. Rather it brings out the cheekiness in me. Yes. That’s the fact.


When a Glenfidich loving friend sends a forwarded message that says: I was so drunk that I won the dance competition when I crossed the dance floor.’, it Is utterly believable and likeable. But imagine a traditional, absolutely drink-hating lady sends the same. I get a little (read lot) cheeky and go, ‘really’? with double, r, e, a and y. (I is already double).


We were in a resort in Cherai, Kerela. What made this an absolute delight to me was the meeting that took place from morning till evening. The morning meeting that started at sharp 6 was held on the tree right opposite our cottage. The leader cawed his lungs out. In fact every team member cawed at the same time. When I opened the door to peep out, they gave me a cheeky look.


Later the leader after so much cawing went near the swimming pool for a ‘sip’.

After the crows came the doves, cooing non-stop. Magpies also joined the band with their keeks. It was a happy cacophony of noises.

They all looked at humans with cheekiness writ large in their cute faces.

While we may know to hide or camouflage the  cheeky expression, the birds and animals carry it across their faces. Cute!!!!





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