Sweet joy of living and loving!!!!

Bird-on-balcony_miniOne day when my daughter was three and the boy was still getting moulded by the almighty, she called me out with so much excitement. So sweet of her! While all her sweet milestones were exciting events for me, she too finds her excitement complete if she shares it with me!

Mamma come, just come. Come fast.

I ran towards her. She showed me a beautiful small bird. It had purple feathers, sweet face and a curious attitude. Little wonder the girl for excited. Even today I feel the flutter of joy when I see pink and purple. And I am fifty!

If she could lay her hands on the bird, she would have added a tinge of pink to it.

I too sat with her looking at the bird.

She was so happy. I gathered my angel and told her:

“You know what. You are my universe. I see all the pretty things in you.”


She didn’t get it but gave me a sweet kiss. A few years later she understood. The universe part of it. Miss Universe to be precise.

She sat glued to the TV screen watching the live telecast of Miss Universe. For her the small things to be enjoyed in life included TV serials and programmes like this.

And then the son came. I guess God made that annoy-your-parents-gland a little bigger in him. Sorry he made it an industrial sized one.

Promptly they ganged up in all their annoy-me-activities. TV was their domain. I shifted my interest to bird watching. It was not bad actually. I started enjoying the cute actions and reactions of birds. It continues even today.

The two magpies that wait by the kerb side of my office are my great friends. Even today if I don’t seem them in that place that I have named Magpie point, I become a nerve wreck. Like today, I didn’t see them cocking their head left and right as they always do. I was just about to push panic button when they swooped down. And perched on the lawn. I smiled and waved at them. They didn’t quite get it but a man beside my car noticed and took a double take at me with a nervous smile!


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