This (no) story happened in Goa

The surf was so high that day….


The wind not too mild.

The weather was nippy

A lovely day to hold hands, laze romantically or roll around doing nothing but gazing…

This happened in Goa and not so long ago.


We were holed up in South Goa – yes yes that sleepy part of the city.

And we loved it. North or South – Goa is to be loved.

This is the  story that started with a lazy walk to the private beach.


My sweet child who loves animals tried to befriend a cow that was also lazing in the beach.

The big horns that it possessed completely immobilized me.

But that was no story.

Our driver was a very good guide who knew unexplored path.

So he took us through a deserted pathway that went straight up.


As we reached up, we saw ramparts of an old impressive fort that over looked the sea.

He showed a perch…again it was our girl who climbed on the perch to view the panorama around her…and she looked down and almost fell to a deep gorge. We didn’t dare climb up that dilapidated short wall.


We went off then to a fort that stood a silent sentinel to the beautiful world around it.

How many poignant story (s) it could tell, if only it could! But if you listened to the silence with no disturbance, you might be able to  hear  stories centuries old.

The confluence of river and sea that gathered its waves around were a sight to behold!

The silent canons and the strong rampart gave the silence surrounding the fort a special meaning. goa canon

Coming down the fort, our next stop was to the veritable beaches that dot Goa.

But the roads were no easy task. There were swelling rivers that overflowed the meek barriers. We had to cross the two kilometre stretch, with oncoming vehicles too in  a hurry.


But our driver was smart.

As we reached the higher planes and turned back, we could see the river licking the roads with a death-like fervour.

Then we did the Beaches….

Baga, Palolim, Varca, Anjuna….


Later as we headed to our beautiful resort and took refuge in its wonderful restaurant, there was another elaborate culinary story awaiting us!

But that’s a different story (to be continued)



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