My place in the world – Mumbai to Muscat and many other places in between…

My place in the world



There I go again!

What else can you expect from a wanderlust?

I somehow love big bustling cities. Many find Mumbai revolting and repulsive.

But I love the super natural energy of Mumbai and its inhabitants.

I once reached the city on an early morning flight at an ungodly hour of 3 am. The Red Taxi were plying the road like it was the norm of a normal hour. As we passed by the lanes of Juhu, where my friend stays, I saw one lady rushing with a bag full of vegetables. I must have said aloud where she was going at this time. My driver, another alert guy, typical of Mumbai said, “She must be cooking in at least five houses between now and 9 am and to some houses she must have offered her service of buying daily vegetables also.”  Smart! And of course hard working!


People like her are many, he enlightened me with a nugget of information. A few feet away I found another lady, dragging her feet, looking around and even staring at our car. I looked at the driver, and he wasn’t very happy by the look on his face. “These are night flowers. Bloom in the night and wither off in the day and bloom again at night.” I caught the drift and remained silent.

Further away, a decent tea shop had people already lining up in front of it. “They give the best malai-maar ke (cream added) tea and the best muska bun.” Muska bun is slathered and slayed in butter!

Joggers at regular intervals at 345am???

My place in the world? Not really. I love looking at this pace but won’t be part of it.

But you know what, you can be a spectator and still feel the energy and positivity course through your blood and nerves.


When I rang the bell at my friend’s place in Juhu Tara Road, the team was already at work editing a corporate film.

I stay in Muscat. The city that is alive and bright through the day and the night. You can actually feel a positive hum in its daily life. It is indeed very safe if your passion is not on anything beyond what is deemed safe and good. Like in any other parts of the world of course.


Frankendael in Amsterdam is another place that seems to have been plucked out from heaven. The beautiful city with the right amount of noise and fun and abundant sprinkling of nature’s beauty takes your breath away. This is my place for sure.


We were staying in a hotel in 47th Street in the Theatre District (and Hells Kitchen) in New York City. For about a week that we stayed there, we could get glimpse of a working lady’s day in NYC. For, bang opposite out hotel was a residential complex which we are sure housed singles. The studio apartments were tastefully done and the kitchen was cutely tiny. In one of the apartments which was directly opposite our room, the lights would come on at 4am and would be switched off fifteen minutes later, as the lady would close her front door and we would see her in the ground floor two minutes later. That building was just above the subway station. 4 am..!!!! We would see her again at 4 pm, paper bags in her hands containing, I am sure food stuff or other take away provisions.


A few minutes into her apartment, the living room lights would come alive and within minutes, there she would be with a cup, containing maybe coffee or hot chocolate and a tray of nibbles or salads or whatever.

The TV would be switched on, the study table pulled down from the corner, which at first I thought was a neat painting.


With Times Square behind her, Broadway to the left and right and Subway below and the bus station a few blocks away, here she was, a seemingly contented woman, just starting her way up in her career!

The thought was cathartic and extremely positive. I just hope it is right that she is at the right track, right place and at the right time!

Few years before, this would have been my place in the world

Many many years back when I was just a few years into this world, I thought my place in the world was where my parents were. But years later, when they pushed me out and allowed me to soar into the sky, I realized there is much more in this world to see, to enjoy and to know about. But of course nothing comes close to that place that you can call my place – your home made with love by your parents and the one you made with love for your loved ones.

trrad house


  1. Nice piece !! Which place is that at the top of your piece? Looks like Kleine Scheidegg or Murren in Switzerland?

    • Yeah… just googled .. I always stay at Lauterbrunnen and been Grindelwald and Murren. Added to my bucket!!

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