MasterChef Australia…S11….end of an era…..

I love watching Masterchef Australia. This season more than the previous. And that also follows a pattern. An incremental annual growth of interest!

But this season with the judges controversy rocking the telly, it just got more personal.

And the last two seasons made me ponder: Is there a pattern in Masterchef Australia? Specially over the last two seasons?

As a die-hard fan of the franchise, I would say yes.

Considering the diaspora mix evolving in Ausland, the pattern of the programme is changing and intelligently so.

There is essentially an Asian, Indian, Arab and Caucasian inclusion which is not a coincidence.

The massive footprint the programme receives in exactly the above mentioned regions, bar the last, of which I am not too sure of, is but a reason for the latest changing trend.

So, in the last season we had Khan and this season is Tatti from Asian department.

Winner of the last season was Sashi, originally from India. And so for this season Indian flavor is provided by snooty Sandip, who plays extreme safe with his tried and tested Indian spices and wins in most episodes, well almost.

We had Huda from ME in season 10 and in S 11 it is Larissa, Huda and Waleed.

Petite Sameera was the Central Asian spice last season and Anoushka (who can make a screaming banshee seem like a silent saint) it is for this year from the same region.

Other than these, we have typical native Australian mix. Snooty Tessa, Prince Harry lookalike Tim, confident and carefree Simon, hulk of a guy Derek, cute Christina and pretty Nicole – all of whom made it to the top 10 of Season 11. Whoa!!!

Why is Masterchef Australia so popular reaching far beyond its boundaries?

Apart from the undeniable realty element, this show also has three next door judjes who grew so close to the viewers over the years and through the savvy use of their Social Media platforms that they use so wisely. I cannot imagine the next season without them. Hell no!

We have learnt to excuse Gary’s outlandish and absolutely freakish striped trousers and pink blazers. And of course we love his cravat style statements!!!

The stars of the programme have to be undeniably, the director of photography and his camera crew and of course the Editor himself or herself. Brilliant.

The background score. Absolutely gripping and so in sync with the mood.

The set directors. The polished counters, stocked pantries, garden in play, that clock….that gantry….all oozes perfection to the T.

The raw emotion of the contestants that make the viewers heavy at heart on elimination episodes…

…..of the winners which again tear up the viewers with happiness of course…

A right royal treat!

And for a brief while it does bring out our own inner Australian Masterchef.

Brief while.

Me after watching masterchef for fifteen minutes 😛

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