. Welcome to my blog my world and my crap natter.

As a mother of a teenage girl obsessed with mirror and hip-hop and a son obsessed with anything that stars with g and ends with e and has an  a and m in between and hates anything that starts with s and ends with l and has choo in between, am obsessed with keeping me in  a sane state of mind.

I like movies… know my period is a few days away when tears spring up all on a sudden even as i see a speeding motorist pass by (menopausal syndromes, i guess)…love Nicolas Cage… not so much George Clooney…love Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan… hate the Milano biscuits ad and the fake Italian accent…love DKNY Green Apple… always love and will love the great MJ…love Priyanka Chopra …and here is my take on what i think of some popular stars: (new ones added)

Jennifer Lawrence – too young and too good

Ben Afleck – After all, American!

Meryl Streep – all time classic

Robert De Niro – another all time classic

Nicolas Cage – the eyes, man!

Justin Bieber – hey baby!

Angelina Jolie – humane

Brad Pitt – henpecked

Britney Spears – poor soul

Luis Vuitton – must have

Lady Gaga – yuck yuck yuck

Shakira – mass appeal

Deep Purple – for our generation, the real kick

Elton John – all time great

Akon – shaker truly

Flo Rida – too good hip hop  (for teenagers)

Aishwarya Rai – artificial

Katrina – arrogant

Shah Rukh – diplomatic and getting old

Aamir Khan – intelligent but too short

Chetan Bhagat – intelligent with an unimpressive voice

Kareena Kapoor – classy

Barkha Dutt – losing appeal

Abishek Bhachan – simple boy

Amitabh Bhachan – towering always

IPL – love the format

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