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  • raajashok 5:09 pm on March 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The green salad, green tea, green goblin, green grocer, green-eyed monster…all that’s green is not good actually…. 


    it is easy being green

    It is easy being green – yes, with St Patrick’s day that got off around the corner, it was an easy choice of title!

    But in today’s life, it is much easier to be green than any other colour.

    For a working mother, who is at that end of the spectrum where watching cookery shows is the most best it can get in cooking department, green is a boon!


    Salads with a large portion of pitta bread pinched into pieces or an easy blend of plain cooked lentils with an artful dressing of lemon, and salt and pepper thrown in can work wonders to a hungry stomach! rather stomachs…yes, it is easy being green

    Green tea of course is good to wash it all off.


    And coming from that patch of green state in India called Kerala, we know about different shades of green, what they mean and how wonderful they can be.

    green corporates

    Incidentally, the new upcoming corporate office of one of the top ten corporate houses of India, coming up in Calicut has a roof that is a completely walkable terrace…you can walk along the slope from the ground till the roof, outside around. Grand no?


    Cochin International Airport became the world’s first fully solar powered airport. What can be more green than this!!!!! and in the long run it is easy being green

    The houses that I have seen all through my childhood days, the ones that seemed to rise out of a dream were green, magical and dreamy!

    my jeevan

    The magical rains that came prompted purely by the rotation of the earth, at the designated time and day, the ponds and lakes that swelled  with a gay abandon, the warmth of the hearth on a rainy day with the aroma of mother’s food wafting into all corners of the house….the memories are so green with a velvet touch…



    it is easy being green

    Good for heart, soul, mind and feet….

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    Tags: Chianti, , Firenze, Florence, Italian, , Manarola, pizza, Tuscan, Tuscany, Walkabouttours, wine, wordpress   

    Cinque Terre – five reasons you should not attempt this lovely (?) trek! 

    ct 33

    against the odds

    The Cinque Terre trek.

    Please don’t attempt it under the following circumstances:

    During Summer

    When you have just three days in Florence

    If you have high BP

    If you hate walking and generally hate any form of exercise.

    If you are phobic of narrow-path

    My common denominator was all of the above!

    Then why did I attempt it?

    ct 3

    The guide who was with us a very handsome guy!

    And we had in our group a pseudo sport who was hoping I would veto against this trek and I wanted to expose him! Evil me!

    The trek starts from Manarola where the swanky comfortable coach drops us leaving us to yearn for it for the next seven hours! From here it is a walk against the odds and along the Mediterranean Sea which looks like a huge truck load of diamonds has been dumped onto it! Shimmering and shining and blinding the eyes! WoW!


    For me against the odds is an understatement since I wanted to turn back and run to where the coach had dropped us! When I asked Steffano (our handsome guide!) how long we have to hike/trek/struggle, he showed a distant speck of landmark and said: just till there!


    Seriously dude! I am dead already! Now what?

    But puffing, panting, trekking, cussing, a train ride and a boat ride later, we arrived at the final check point from where we were to take a train back to where the coach dropped us.

    Of course there were incredible views in between which made me forget the weariness and brought an instant cheer!

    End of the day when we were back in our beautiful temporary home for the day, at hotel Albion smack in the city centre of Firenze, we reminisced on the beautiful day over flutes of wine and cheese. But when someone asked, if we would do it again, we said in a chorus: hell no! Instead we would do a Chianti wine and food safari tour!





  • raajashok 9:56 am on January 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The little treasure that is always there but we miss yet when we find it, fills us with immense satisfaction and renewed belief in what we call the ‘life’ 


    Probably my blog content may not be as big as the title itself.

    Or maybe it will be…

    resilient  I had always wanted to be resilient but I always felt shattered with tiny ravages that happened. When I bounced back, or thought I did, something of me was missing.

    A bit of trust, a bit of joy, a bit of enthusiasm, a bit of child, a bit of girl, a bit of youth, a bit of motherhood, a bit of love, a bit of innocence, a bit of hearty laughter, a bit of adventure, a bit of many things…which we never knew we had in us. But when it goes away, we feel it.

    While the Gen X is credited or discredited with a lack of passion or old fashioned love, I find their resilience a great pillar of strength that they can lean on quite comfortably.


    Many years ago, when I was playing with my friends in a gay abandon near the garden by our house in the tiny beautiful hamlet of Palakkad in Kerala, we decided to create a secret history by carving our names in the bark of the tree, in the inner innards of the mighty tree. We could then carve just our initials. J, R and M

    Many years later, 30 to be precise, I went again to my old pad, which now had new tenants. But the tree was still there. resilient as I had wanted it to be. Surviving a world of storms, rains,  thunderstorms and tree-cutting!

    Did I imagine the tree or did the tree whoosh an extra serving of breeze! Can’t say but i searched the innards of the tree with much difficulty, since my frame had grown bigger. And there it was, the J, R and M! It touched instantly the day in circa 1982!

    Then on that day when we carved our initials, we thought it was a historical day. I don’t know where J and M are now. I don’t know if, they too like me, had come and paid a visit to our historical monument (of a tree). I don’t even know if they remember me or the day like I do so well!

    Memories like this – do they make you lose that tiny portion of resilience in you or fill you with more?!!!




    • jmacindoe 4:30 am on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely story and photos. Thanks for sharing!

      • raajashok 7:38 am on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        thank you for stopping by…:)

  • raajashok 10:38 am on July 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: crisis averted dog style, daily prompts, dogs, gym, pets, quick thinking, wordpress   

    A true short story 

    Daily Prompts – crises



    Tanya was pretty sure. That man was coming again.

    He stood right in front of her house.

    Tanya sniffed just to  reconfirm if it was the same scum who came every Wednesday at half past three in the afternoon to pleasure himself, right next to her house.

    But now she had to do something, as her lovely lady Ava was getting ready for the gym now. Her lady’s gym timings were so tiringly random, Tanya thought for the umpteenth time.

    She would open the door and see the scum and God knows what would happen.

    Tanya let out a bark that startled her!

    Tanya, what…? Ava was curious as she had never heard Tanya bark like this.

    Her bark hadn’t made any impact on the scum outside.

    “hey retard Pluto, join me.” Tanya barked her commands to her son Pluto who was looking at Ava waiting for his treat or praise or whatever good that came his way.

    But he joined mamma Tanya and they let out a chorus.

    ‘This is strange’ Ava said loud and peeped through the keyhole. She saw a man and what he was doing.

    “Tanya, Pluto, stay quiet.” She quickly took some piping hot water from the dispenser.

    one, two and three, she mentally counted and yanked the door open and poured the hot water on that man’s…..

    “Not any more crisis management required” thought Tanya before she stretched herself in the sofa and heard the painful retreating steps of the scum!


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